Friday, September 21, 2012

Wedding Gown Shopping 101

I wanted to address a question that I am frequently asked by newbie wedding gown shoppers...

"When do people usually buy their wedding gown?" 

Seems simple enough, right? Well, not really. If you consider that for the most part, this is all new..the engagement, the wedding planning, the most important dress that you will potentially ever wear...all new ventures. Before getting overwhelmed by the list of items and wedding planners' protocol; use this opportunity to make one of the most celebrated purchases ever a FABULOUS one!!

Here are a few tips of the trade and FAQ:

 -Knowledge is key.
      Before heading into any bridal salon, check out their website to see what designers they carry, what the price point range is, and if there is an appointment required. It is not necessary to study each designers collections, style numbers and prices..but certainly look at the overall aesthetic. Does it fit in with all of the key points for your big day? If so, schedule an appointment, grab a select few loved ones to share the experience, and have a great time finding your gown.

-What do the different seasons signify in bridal fashion?
     Luckily, bridal has no season. Not in Texas, anyway. For the most part, bridal salons will purchase a new selection of gowns from designers for every Spring and Fall collection, but that certainly does not mean that a gown from a past season is out of style, nor does it mean a bride will lose out by not viewing the newest collection.

-What if I have only been to one salon?
   If this is the case, and you have found your dream gown- lucky you!! Take the rest of the afternoon to enjoy yourself dream of your gown, and continue the planning process. In some instances, the bridal salon shopping experience can be stressful and unenjoyable. Don't let the air be sucked out a great day. If you find your gown, find the bridal consultant that you click with, and a salon that you trust, go for it! Trying on too many gowns can get overwhelming, go with your gut.

-What is the time frame of purchasing a gown?
    Logistically, bridal gowns take up to 6 months to be created once an order has been placed. Alterations can typically take 2 months upon the gowns' arrival. Don't have this allotted amount of time? Do not fret. A bridal salon will know which designers typically ship out closer to the 3-4 month range, and there are usually rush shipments available at an extra fee that can push up the date by quite a bit depending on the gown. Shotgun timeframe? That is what sample sales are for. There are some true hidden gems amongst these selections, and never underestimate the talents of a bridal seamstress. Is your wedding planned for more than a year out? Good for you. There is never too early of a time to order a wedding gown. If the gown is here and ready to wear, there are so many more options; the bridal portraits can be taken in a different seasonal outdoor setting, the decor can be created based on the gown's color palette, an endless amount of fantastic shoes can be tried on to find the perfect pair....and did I mention that this will be one of the biggest checkmarks of your planning process??

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