Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Styling An Irish Bridal Party

Being in the bridal styling biz for just under 9 years, I have heard a lot of wedding party styling dilemmas.

Whether it is a wide variance of body types, or religious requirements of dressing, and every other issue that can arise when choosing the wardrobe for a number of women at one time; every little issue can cause a ton of stress and take time from moving forward in the wedding planning process.

Websites like Pinterest, Style Me Pretty and other popular blogs give great examples of stylish attendants, but nobody knows the chosen bridesmaids like the bride, so please, take inspiration from these photos, but remember to keep it personal to your big day and nobody else's.

Most recent dilemma I was approached with...??

This weekend I was chatting with a bride that was searching for a perfect color for her bridal party that would compliment the kilts that the groomsmen were wearing...easy enough right? Not when the bride was staying away from a prominent color palette, such as the red, yellow and navy that are within the classic plaid pattern of these traditional Irish garments. Luckily enough, we have recently received our uber cute selection of the newest addition to the Watters color palette: French Vanilla, and the bride felt like this would be a great compliment to the prominent pattern. I totally agree. If I haven't gushed about these crinkle chiffon numbers, they are fan-tastic!! Thinking about ordering the short one for myself!!

If there are any styling questions you might have..send them over, this Serendipitist would love to take a crack at it!! ;)

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