Thursday, September 6, 2012

Styling Sarah Seven

As you might know, we are beyond thrilled to have the uber talented creations from the one and only Sarah Seven in the salon. We are the only boutique in Texas that will have the great honor of carrying her creative collection, and this could not please us more.

These gowns have been a huge hit already, (no surprise), and although they are statement pieces on their own, I have been asked how to properly style these boho beauties, while staying true to the minimal aesthetic that sets these gowns apart.

As always, I will first say that every bride should style her gown ANY way that she wants to. Her personal style and personality should stand out and create a one of a kind look that will set the tone for the event and be remembered forever....make it count!

Now then, here are some suggestions that will flatter and compliment these very individualist styles.

 For my personal fav of this Fall 2012 collection, Amour,  depicts everything romantic about a gown. The addition of lace at the bustline and the beyond flowy nature of the champagne tone organza fabric create a fairy tale like scene simply on its own. I would keep the jewelry to a minimum by adding either a soft chandelier playing with the unique color palette like these from Kendra Scott, and/or a delightfully delicate necklace like this one from my Maya Brenner. The barely there chain and letter initial adds a feminine and personal touch with a barely there presents.

Veils and headpieces are never needed to "complete" these Sarah Seven pieces, but if it is a must, there are a few options that will work great without overwhelming.

This collage above showcases our own versatile Grayson Elise "snowball" belt and or headband. This simple and delicate beaded belt with ribbon trim is a great piece to add hint of shimmer at your waist, OR a creative addition to any hair style. This piece can be worn well after the wedding day to amp up any outfit.

Two veil choices that I like for SS style are the forever stylish birdcage from Toni Federici and the newest trend in veil: the organza trim from Laura Jayne. This softer version of the head topper flatters the signature flow that Sarah has cleverly mastered.

Another stand out for me is "Blushing." This unmistakable shimmer organza is a statement on its own, and even in the safer ivory option, there is no question that this style is not for the faint at heart.

I paired this piece with a simple, and delicate Kendra Scott stud that will compliment the tone without taking over. Pucker up with a pink gloss, and you are good to go!

One last piece that takes the cake is the Gold Gown. This is the first of its kind and it is delectable! I have had brides come far and wide for a peek at this pleaser, and we are hoping to get it back into the salon soon! 

For me, there is no other way to complete this stunner than with the complimentary pattern of gold pieces from Kendra Scott. The scroll design works so well with this piece...what a stunner!! 


Anonymous said...

Love the pairings of earrings with the gowns! Thanks for the love!


Anonymous said...

Love the choice of earrings with the gorgeous gowns. Thanks for the love!