Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Holidays AND Ordering a Bridal Gown

Tis the Season.......Holiday shopping, parties, and family....These things can all seem daunting by themselves, but in addition to all of these festive activities, your wedding task list is still needing to be attended to.
Our newest member of the Serendipty Bridal family, Pronovias

Many brides are wanting to just get through this busy season before placing the order for their wedding gown, but what needs to be taken into consideration is that bridal factories in general shut down a week for Christmas, and a week for New Years, per labor laws. This is two weeks additional to add to the shipping lead time.

Watters Bridal

Overall, brides need to allow for 4-6 months for a custom bridal gown to arrive, and around 2 months for alterations. This is standard. So, if you are a bride that has their dream dress out there just waiting to be ordered because of extra holiday stress, a few pounds, or whatever the reason might be.....wait no longer! Come January, bridal salons are slammed with brides that received a shiny rock for the Holidays and New Years. So, ask the expert consultants for their assistance, and give yourself a big check mark for this big "To-do", then go have some champagne to celebrate!!

Jim Hjelm Bridal

Monday, November 28, 2011

Serendipity Bridal Gets Pinned!!

Ok. So, I have been totally bitten by the PINTEREST bug that is going around, and I am loving every second of it!!

Pinterest is a virtual pin board that allows you to create your own categorized scrap book of sorts online. This is such a fantastic tools for brides to find inspiration and ideas for their wedding. Our most popular pages have been updated with "pin it" icons to make it that much easier to use our published photos on your own personal boards. As new blogs are posted, new pins will be added, so keep a look out, and be sure to follow our own pinterest board!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

AMA Awards Fashion

Metallics made their presence at last night's AMA Awards! Sparkly silver, gray and golden hues filled the red carpet, and I loved it! It was a combination of retro and rock and roll with some of the coolest hair styles we have seen in a while. Many of which would work great for a bridal!

Braids are BIG!
Bridal braids are amazing styles to compliment any gown. The placement of a fantastic headpiece or flowers within the 'do creates an opportunity to individualize the look, and capture the style that reflects your big day. Here are some of my favorites...

I love the larger than life headpiece that Katy Perry wore. This is such an elegant way to play up a classic up do.

The big, bouncy curls made their appearance again, playing up the retro glam vibe.

This is a look that is coming back in bridal as well. Many times brides feel as though they have to wear their hair up, but that is not the case.....if the weather is right and your hair can with hold the style, then go for it! These celebrity brides did...

Vanessa Minnillo obviously loves this look as well!

Now for my favorite look of the night.... Once again, Taylor Swift stole the show for me!
I love, love, love the pairing of the unexpected green earring. This simple addition adds interest and a pop of color.

Check out these emerald colored Kendra Scott earrings.....gorgeous!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Real Housewife Weds!

"Tardy For the Party" singer and reality star, Kim Zolciak borrows the "three's a charm" trend from recent bride, Kim Kardashian. Both Kims decided that one wardrobe change during their lavish events was just not enough....... instead, three gowns seems to be the magic number for royal reality weddings these days.

Zolciak married her Prince Charming, Kroy Biermann on the popular nuptial date of 11/11/11.

Her first gown was the most lavish creation by Baracci, weighing in at 32 pounds and apparently worth $58,ooo.

Dress #2, designed by Pnina Tornai from Say Yes to the Dress fame, is a fully embellished mermaid design adorned with Swarovski crystals and pearls.

Last, but certainly not least, Kim went with another Pnina ensemble, but this time in the form of a backless jumpsuit.

Now, if I were to dress this blonde bombshell???......

No doubt, I would go all out Lazaro. Zolciak obviously loves beadwork, detail and drama....what Lazaro is known best for.

For the ceremony, I would go with LZ3063. This swoon worthy ball gown is nothing short of a masterpiece, and can be styled with a detailed cathedral length veil, and encrusted sash for added drama.

The first wardrobe change would be into LZ3150. This show-stopper is body conscience, and heavily adorned without adding extra fabric to curves, allowing for an amazingly flattering fit.

For dancing the night away, LZ3156 is a great alternative to a jumpsuit. ;) This floral vintage lace sheath with and detailed overlay has the ease of a nightgown and the glamour worthy of a red carpet.

Another interesting tidbit is that Kim Zolciak took note of yet another detail from Kim Kardashian's wedding....according to, KZ's bridesmaids party wore ivory gowns resembling bridal attire just as KK's lovely ladies did. The gowns were custom designed by Serendipity's own, Anais Collezioni.

These photos from were the only ones that I could locate of the bridesmaids, but I hope to find more to see what this talented designer from the St. Pucci family created for this extravagant event.

photos courtesy of: Flynet

Let's just hope that the similarities of these two Kim's marriages end at the wedding.

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Amazing Lazaro Gown

It's here, and it's UNBELIEVABLE. Lazaro gown #3167 is an amazing masterpiece of a dress, completing the Fall 2011 collection. This champagne shredded net gown is covered in immaculate embroidery detail, and the sweetheart neckline is super flattering. This dress embodies all of the fantastic drama and elegance that Lazaro is known for, and we are so excited to have it at Serendipity Bridal.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The CMA Awards Fashion "Round Up"

OK, I admit, even thought I am a Texas girl, I do not know much about country music...... however, I usually know what to expect from a CMA Awards night, and that is: anything goes. The sparklier, brighter and shorter......the better. Having said that, I was a little shocked how muted the gowns seemed to be, and wished that there were some more bright colors to celebrate the evening. As far as styles go, there was a bit of everything on the red carpet, and let's just agree that it was interesting.

Here are a few of the looks from co-host, Carrie Underwood.

Underwood has never been one to hide from the spotlight, or be afraid to try new looks...but with gams like those, a sleek mini dress, killer heels and big "Texas" hair should be her go-to look.
Now, who can forget the image of this beauty on her wedding day?? She looked STUNNING in her textured ball gown, and the rosy pink sash was a perfect addition.

Here are some gowns that share the fabulous detailed corset look from WTOO, Liz Fields, and Lazaro.

Miranda Lambert is another recent bride that we will not soon forget. The country themed wedding was precious.... from her mama's wedding gown to her cowboy boots. Lambert did manage to work in an adorable wardrobe change, and mismatched bridesmaids dresses in true celebrity trend-setting fashion.

Here is her look from the CMAs....just as shiny and smiley as ever!

I love these two looks from last night. The sheer lace embroidery at the neckline is such a timeless and classic detail...I love that it is resurfacing in fashion right now. This ultra feminine touch adds softness and frames the face beautifully.

Here is a gown from Pronovias that proves how gorgeous this look can be!

I have gathered a varied assortment of looks from the CMAs last night, and I have to say... kudos to Erin Andrews for givin' a "yee-haw" in the form of a pink sparkly number to liven up this crowd.

Now for my fav.
Shocking.... it looks like a wedding gown, and I LOVE IT. Taylor Swift took a break from her usual cutesy dress wardrobe and went with this stunner. The fluid line and asymmetric layered hem add texture and interest to this fitted gown, and the deconstructed handkerchief detail is right on point with this innovative trend.

Jim Hjelm # 8151 shares this similar style, and Kendra Scott Sona earrings would complete the look quite nicely.

(photos courtesy of Getty Images, People and US Weekly Magazinge)

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Newest Love

I am obsessed with NORMA. This gown for the Watters Spring 2012 collection is everything and more that a wedding gown should be. The washed silk organza literally glides in movement, and the neckline is unforgettable. I am calling it the ballerina bust. It is this twisted gathering of fluid fabric that creates the most flattering and feminine silhouette imaginable. Simply breath taking.

Another great aspect of this gown is that it is so totally versatile! Depending on how you style the could be uber formal, or be perfectly appropriate for casual ceremony on the beach. The gown was presented at market with the Mae belt from Watters, adding an element of natural texture and floral interest.

Imagine a fully encrusted platinum belt like Serendipity's own Ryder, Fiona earrings from Kendra Scott, at the same delicate join line, and you have created a whole new style.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Did the Kardashian/Humphries Breakup Leave you Feeling Betrayed??

Join the club. Just like many of you other hopeless romantics out there....I feel duped. Those precious hours that I spent watching the extravagant nuptials and carefully studying the infamous 3 wedding gowns are gone, and I can never get them back. What can we learn from all of this..?

Questions about this wedding have been circulating like a tornado throughout the media...Was it for real? What will happen to the gifts? Will she give the ring back? What will happen to all of the gowns that were patterned after her 3 wedding looks?

Allow me to shed some light on these heavy issues. ;) Kim sticks to her guns and claims that the whole shindig was legit, "First and foremost, I married for love. I can't believe I even have to defend this," Kardashian tells E online.

As for the lavish gifts, unfortunately in KK fashion, rumor has it that most of the presents given to the happy couple were personalized. Not sure even Nordstrom would take those back.

The bling? No comment from Lorraine Schwartz, famous jewelry designer to the stars, and the Kardashian clan claims that it is theirs, not a loaner. The choice of whether or not to return the ring...who's to say at this point.

Now, for my area of expertise....the gowns. First off, celebrities and icons should give inspiration to bridal looks, not replicas. Every bride deserves to reveal their own style on their wedding day, not that of one seen by millions. Taking a page out of the Royal Wedding; even though Kate Middleton's gown was duplicated left and right, the real trend she set was one that has been a staple in a classic bride's style for decades....LACE...which can be interpreted in so many fantastic and individualistic ways. With all of that being said, basque waisted gowns do give the appearance of a smaller waist, charmeuse gowns are always stylish, and trumpet gowns are terrific. Just remember to make it your own, and not "Kim's dress #2."

Sketches from the three gowns worn by Kardashian

Watters and Jim Hjelm Lace gowns

Now here is a good question for ALL brides out there..What to do with the gowns after the wedding?? You have spent time and effort to find the perfect dress, now what should come of it? Well, it really all depends on the individual...the most responsible option would be to have your precious gown preserved. Serendipity offers the services of a respected gown preservation company that will send you the gown in a beautiful box with a "peek" window so you can view your dress whenever you would like. You can't open it though, or else it will begin the oxidation process, and will more than likely yellow through the years. If the goal is to give the option to your little girl to wear your dress in the future, this is the way to go.

Some photographers will shoot a "after session" in your gown. This is where you can go buck wild in your dress, and not worry about how dirty or wrinkled you get it. I have seen anything from brides laying in a field to jumping into the lake. Here are some of my favs, and more tame versions from Forever Photography. These couples took their attire out of town for a whole new setting for photos. Brilliant!

Another option, (which happens to be what I did), is to hang your gown where it is accessible to try on, linger at, and reminisce with. I LOVE my gown, and although the thought of keeping in pristine condition for my little angel to wear on her big day is sweet.....
I am realistic, and know that she will want to wear a gown covered in sparkles and dripping in jewels. My clean, classic dress will just not do. ;)

As for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, I think the biggest disappointment that came from all of this, is that her fans really wanted this marriage to work. Best of wishes, and we look forward to the next televised wedding from this family.