Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Wear a Birdcage Veil

The look: adorable.
The style: retro.
The application: tricky.

The look of the birdcage veil is coming back in a BIG way. Not that it was ever gone, but with the newest styles of boho chic gowns from beloved designers like Sarah Seven, this accessory is more popular than ever.

Shots of brides with birdcage head pieces are flooding sights like Style Me Pretty and Pinterest, but when it comes to choosing one, or placing it in your can be a daunting task.

Here are some simple tips and tricks to ensuring that your vintage style birdcage veil says chic, and not cafe.

First, there are going to be many variations of bc veils out there, but the most popular is Russian Tulle. This is the netting that appears in a wide and defined diamond pattern. This type photographs the best and is the highest quality. Next, you will want to inspect what kind of hair applicator it has and how many. Some will have one barrette, others small comb(s). If you have thinner, or slick hair, the barrette will be best for you, and if your hair is thick go for the comb(s).

The best placement of the comb or barrette is off to one side and below the crown of your head. Depending on the length of the veil this placement will angle down your face, cover one eye and trickle down the cheekbone.

If the veil is longer, place it low and center in the back of your head. Make sure that it is above the lips or clears the chin and jaw line, anything that cuts you off mid-chin will photograph odd, and your fiance will be confused as to how to "kiss the bride." If it is longer than your face, it will be obvious that he will have to lift it over your cheekbones, your lips are open for the chin, that might cause a fluster.

Many adorable birdcage veils are adorned with flowers, feathers, crystals or even lace, so be sure to show the pretties at a side angle, so they can photograph with your profile shot. Anything added accessories on a veil cancel out heavy jewelry. Let that be the statement piece..for the ceremony at least..if it is removed for the reception- go nuts with whatever baubles tickle your fancy.

 Typically, brides will wear there hair up and back when sporting this trend, but more and more ladies are opting for down dos. The best way to ensure that your hair style compliments your hair piece is by taking with you to your hair trials. Let the professionals work it out.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lazaro Trunk Show

How do you determine a "Best of" show for a designer that is consistently THE best?!? Well, you will just have to come to the salon this Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th to see for yourself.

Lazaro is one of the most recognized and followed designers in high end bridal-- and for good reason. More and more of his gowns are popping up on the red carpet, and celebrities are taking notice. The impeccable fits, luxurious fabrics and elaborate hand created detail work are what sets this designer above the competition.

I have decided to give a peek of real brides wearing these stunners along side the press pics to show how beautifully these designs translate from the runway to the aisle:

Maria Vicencio (JLM Real Weddings)

magdalene kourti  (JLM Real Weddings)
Lazaro style 3214

Photographer: Christina Carroll (Proud to say that she is a Serendipity Bride)
Lazaro style 3108

Jen, Zenobia Studios  (JLM Real Weddings)
Lazaro style 3152

Be sure to schedule your appointment quickly, as consultations with our stylists fill up for highly anticipated shows like Lazaro!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lace Bridesmaids Dresses

I am LOVING the lace trend! More than that, I love that it has totally transferred into bridal fashion; which means that our beloved bridesmaids are styled in fabulous frocks rather than something that they will never wear again.

One of my favorite collections for this look..? Hands down, Watters. With so many color options and combinations available, it is super easy to keep within an overall wedding theme and add a super cool style to your bridal party.

My tips when opting for the lace trend:

   -Keep the colors consistent. Everybody is loving the mix and match right now, and if your girls want to wear different necklines or silhouettes of lace dresses- by all means- go for it. DON'T get too crafty with colors though. Lace is a lot of look, and if there are an assortment of colors, it starts to look messy.

   -There are literally 9 shades of lace, and 31 lining options that Watters has made available. While this is amazing, it can also be daunting, to choose just one of each. When working with neutrals- the sky is the limit. Literally any lining and lace combo will look good. I always recommend opting for a deeper liner than the shade of lace that you choose. This will create a depth and dimension to the look, and the lace will photograph better. Choosing something bold?? I prefer using the same lining color as lace in this case. Or, a nude lining if you must switch it up.

   -There are some beautiful floor length lace dresses out there. I adore them all. My suggestion with this look is to opt away from the ivory shades. Reads bridal.

   -Accessorize wisely. Many of the popular styles have either a high neckline, one shoulder or v neck...these dresses look best with earrings only in my humble opinion. Too much around the face can start to be overwhelming. Bracelets are super trendy right now, and I am all for it, but just ensure that the pieces won't snag on the lace. One swift move during the Y-M-C-A dance number, and a snag can turn into fashion emergency.

Here is a peek at some of my favorites offered by Watters. 

A black belt is always a great trick to flatter a small waistline.

The addition of the beige belt breaks up the black, and makes it a lot less of a serious look. 

Navy lace is a fabulous choice. Flatters all skin tones and looks photographs wonderfully against an ivory bridal gown. 

This is a great pop of color, and the tonal lining under keeps the look classy. Sassy and classy, that is.

I love this look for an uber formal event, or a MOB. Did you happen to see this gown sported on the red carpet on a famous tv starlet??

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Marisa Bridal Trunk Show

Marisa happens to be one of our most treasured designers, and the fact that they are not saturated on the web or in the magazines, is all the more reason that I adore them.

These gowns feature some of the most delicate of laces, flattering of silhouettes, and creamiest of colors available. The collections are small, styles are exclusive and looks are beyond beautiful.

Most likely, if you have had the pleasure of slipping one of these pieces on, you have then immediately gone online searching for a look book, or catalog of some sort. You might see snipits of detail shots, sketches of designs or real brides; and there is a reason for that. By keeping their marketing at a minimum, they keep costs down which then extends to the bride. Besides that, Marisa believes in the custom of the "big reveal" of a bridal gown on the wedding day.

Our trunk show for these beauties is being held on March 22nd thru 23rd. Enjoy discounts, exclusive gown selections and one on one styling. Be sure to schedule your appointment soon as they will quickly book up.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paloma Blanca Spring 2013 Collection

These Paloma Blanca gowns are classics in the making. Beautiful fabrics, flattering styles and clean silhouettes combined together to make this Spring 2013 collection one that will not soon be forgotten.

Paloma Blanca concentrates on the quality of the fabrics and the integrity of the fit, setting themselves apart as one of the most desired bridal designers available. 

Here are some of my favorites!! 

Style 4352

Style 4538

Style 4351

Style 4356

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Spring 2013 Gowns Arrive!!

Spring is in here, and love is in the air....mostly on our showroom floor, because I LOVE the newest gowns that have arrived!!

These three lovelies are the most recent Spring 2013 styles that have come in, and the each have stolen my heart for totally different reasons.

Lazaro 3305 is the most feminine of the group; complete with Lazaro's signature floral embroidery and flirty fit. The bodice is adorned with silver sparkle and graphite scallops that are beyond dreamy. The overlay is super detailed, but extremely light and airy, making this a perfect gown for indoor and outdoor events. Love, love, love.

Hayley Paige's Jim Hjelm Blush 1302 proves that this adorable designer is sticking to her aesthetic, and I love her for it. This style is a perfected throw back to a look that is not only flattering, but precious and sweet all at the same time. The bodice is all girl, and the sassy fit is all Hayley. I am head over heels for this gown!!

Now for the modern touch. Watters' "Talia" immediately stole my heart on the runway, and knew that I HAD to have it....but, once I caught a glimse of "Pilar," something magic happened. I envisioned my beloved "Talia" in the uber cool platinum shade of "Pilar." It was a risk, but OMG, I couldn't be more pleased. This combination of modern style and icy platinum color is a fashion forward bride's dream come true. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jen Aniston's Wedding Gown

The wedding of the year countdown has begun.....or so says my newest issue of People Magazine.  I have to admit, I am an avid "Team Jen" girl, so I am super excited to see what this spicy starlet has in store for her nuptials. Now, if Jen is anything- she is consistent. This woman knows her style, her body and what make her look smokin' hot.

I studied her most recent looks on the red carpet, and there is one designer that pops into my head as a front runner....LAZARO.  The form fitting, modern styles of this newest Spring collection embody everything Jen. I couldn't pick just one gown, and if we have learned anything from celebrity weddings of late, these Hollywood brides cannot either.

Take a look at these two lovelies that I have chosen for this beloved beauty, and let me know your thoughts!!

Jen would look AMAZING in Lazaro #3202.

I would love nothing more than to see Jen in a style like Lazaro #3301. Incredible!!