Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bridal Manicures

A huge trend in bridal right now??     The bridal manicure.

Pretty digits have been receiving more play these days with the help of Pinterest, and every artistic wedding photographer's attention to detail....which I happen to love!  The crazy popular service of nail shellacing in salons, has made it possible for these small statements of personal style last through the big day and well into the honeymoon.

Here are a few that caught my eye via Pinterest:

The mini jewel on the otherwise natural ring finger is too cute for words.

Every bride needs some glitter. 

Never one to shy away from something a bit different, here is "your something blue."

This technique of the "accent nail" might be slightly overplayed,  but still a cool way to show off some wedding bling. 

Personally, not a big fan of red nails, but it is a pop, and that is a Lazaro gown, so I kind of dig it. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Emmy Red Carpet Recap

I enjoyed so many of the fashions that dazzled on the Emmy red carpet last night! There were not too many shockers or mishaps,  but I did seem to suffer from a little double vision. I decided to depict the duplicates and as always bring it full circle back to bridal.

For my first duel, I chose a couple of stand outs in a hi-low skirt and print. The effortless and youthful hemline is perfect for showing confidence in your style....and some beyond fabulous shoes!

Getty Images

The bridal version of this timeless trend is a gown that has received a HUGE amount of press from the Fall 2012 collection of  Hayley Paige's Jim Hjelm Blush. "Lilac" is oh, so lovely.

Another stand off is the one shoulder trend. Created with a a modern update, this style is universally flattering and amps up the glam factor in a big way.

Getty Images

Watters has both a bridesmaids and bridal version of this look, proving once again that this bridal powerhouse is never one to shy away from a red carpet trend. "Bria" is offered at amazing price point for the bride that doesn't want to compromise fashion for a realistic budget and their bridesmaids frock in French Vanilla is stunning!! 

Manipulated tulle is a perfect way to enhance curves and flatter all figures. These two gowns are proof that this designer technique, when done properly, creates tailored perfection. 

Getty Images

Monique Lhuillier designed Padma's orange frock, and has really put her signature stamp on this style. Thankfully, she did not think that bridesmaids should suffer from sans styling any longer. Her tulle dresses in perfect shades of stone rocked my socks off in New York and I cannot wait to get them on the salon showroom floor!

Pocket perfection!! These two looks jumped up to a "10" in the adorable category the second that these starlets struck a pose with their perfectly manicured paws tucked away in their full skirts' hidden pockets. 

Getty Images

It's nothing new, but pockets in any bridal gown instantly make the style more fresh and youthful.  This Fall 2012 Lazaro proves my point perfectly! 

My next two comparisons are a little more lighthearted, and without a doubt give away the fact that I have a 3 year old little girl, when immediately these cartoon images popped in my head when I saw these beauties step foot onto the red carpet. 

Getty Images, Disney Images

Getty Images, Disney Images

Now for my two stand out favs of the evening: 

Edie Falco has NEVER looked more gorgeous than when she strutted down the carpet last night in this body conscience number. I am a HUGE fan of a waist highlighting belt in any and all occasions, and even more a fan of combining a little edge with impeccable tailoring. All and all making this a top pick for the evening. Oh, and have I mentioned that those earrings are from our own beloved Kendra Scott?!?! Kudos!!

Getty Images

My wildcard of the night goes to the beyond funny femme, Kristin Wigg. This boho gown is  beyond beautiful. She loves to play off of her creamy skin tone with neutral palettes like this one, and for me, she nailed it. Her thin frame is perfect for the smaller proportioned bodice and sheer neckline. The look is effortless and as my daughter would say, "eazy peezy," and I dig it.

Getty Images

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wedding Gown Shopping 101

I wanted to address a question that I am frequently asked by newbie wedding gown shoppers...

"When do people usually buy their wedding gown?" 

Seems simple enough, right? Well, not really. If you consider that for the most part, this is all new..the engagement, the wedding planning, the most important dress that you will potentially ever wear...all new ventures. Before getting overwhelmed by the list of items and wedding planners' protocol; use this opportunity to make one of the most celebrated purchases ever a FABULOUS one!!

Here are a few tips of the trade and FAQ:

 -Knowledge is key.
      Before heading into any bridal salon, check out their website to see what designers they carry, what the price point range is, and if there is an appointment required. It is not necessary to study each designers collections, style numbers and prices..but certainly look at the overall aesthetic. Does it fit in with all of the key points for your big day? If so, schedule an appointment, grab a select few loved ones to share the experience, and have a great time finding your gown.

-What do the different seasons signify in bridal fashion?
     Luckily, bridal has no season. Not in Texas, anyway. For the most part, bridal salons will purchase a new selection of gowns from designers for every Spring and Fall collection, but that certainly does not mean that a gown from a past season is out of style, nor does it mean a bride will lose out by not viewing the newest collection.

-What if I have only been to one salon?
   If this is the case, and you have found your dream gown- lucky you!! Take the rest of the afternoon to enjoy yourself dream of your gown, and continue the planning process. In some instances, the bridal salon shopping experience can be stressful and unenjoyable. Don't let the air be sucked out a great day. If you find your gown, find the bridal consultant that you click with, and a salon that you trust, go for it! Trying on too many gowns can get overwhelming, go with your gut.

-What is the time frame of purchasing a gown?
    Logistically, bridal gowns take up to 6 months to be created once an order has been placed. Alterations can typically take 2 months upon the gowns' arrival. Don't have this allotted amount of time? Do not fret. A bridal salon will know which designers typically ship out closer to the 3-4 month range, and there are usually rush shipments available at an extra fee that can push up the date by quite a bit depending on the gown. Shotgun timeframe? That is what sample sales are for. There are some true hidden gems amongst these selections, and never underestimate the talents of a bridal seamstress. Is your wedding planned for more than a year out? Good for you. There is never too early of a time to order a wedding gown. If the gown is here and ready to wear, there are so many more options; the bridal portraits can be taken in a different seasonal outdoor setting, the decor can be created based on the gown's color palette, an endless amount of fantastic shoes can be tried on to find the perfect pair....and did I mention that this will be one of the biggest checkmarks of your planning process??

Check out my article on for more helpful tidbits.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bridal Headpieces

Headpieces are back....big time!! The trend of sparkly tresses is on the uprise, and it could not please us more. Headbands, beaded appliques and antiqued combs are all the rage for the upcoming seasons and we are replenishing our stock pieces as we speak to keep our beloved brides ahead of the curve.

Toni Federici "Madison" 

Sarah Seven, not yet available 

Gold leafy lovely from Pinterest

Celebrity inspiration headpiece from Pinterest
Above is a shot of one of my classic favs, a couple Pinterest well as a sneak peek for what is to come from the uber talented, Sarah Seven.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Styling An Irish Bridal Party

Being in the bridal styling biz for just under 9 years, I have heard a lot of wedding party styling dilemmas.

Whether it is a wide variance of body types, or religious requirements of dressing, and every other issue that can arise when choosing the wardrobe for a number of women at one time; every little issue can cause a ton of stress and take time from moving forward in the wedding planning process.

Websites like Pinterest, Style Me Pretty and other popular blogs give great examples of stylish attendants, but nobody knows the chosen bridesmaids like the bride, so please, take inspiration from these photos, but remember to keep it personal to your big day and nobody else's.

Most recent dilemma I was approached with...??

This weekend I was chatting with a bride that was searching for a perfect color for her bridal party that would compliment the kilts that the groomsmen were wearing...easy enough right? Not when the bride was staying away from a prominent color palette, such as the red, yellow and navy that are within the classic plaid pattern of these traditional Irish garments. Luckily enough, we have recently received our uber cute selection of the newest addition to the Watters color palette: French Vanilla, and the bride felt like this would be a great compliment to the prominent pattern. I totally agree. If I haven't gushed about these crinkle chiffon numbers, they are fan-tastic!! Thinking about ordering the short one for myself!!

If there are any styling questions you might have..send them over, this Serendipitist would love to take a crack at it!! ;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Picking up on Pinning...

It's true, I have been slacking on my pinning these days, but I have just added a whole slew of super pins to our popular Serendipity board! Be sure to check them out and repin to your "Dream Wedding" collection....I know you have one! ;)

Curious as to which pic has been repined the most? 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Jim Hjelm Blush Trunk Show

Get your flirt on...Jim Hjelm Blush is on its way! This uber fashionable and feminine line is going to be making a stop at Serendipity for a highly anticipated trunk show.

These creations from the press favorite, Haley Paige, have started a well deserved media frenzy for their latest and greatest line. We are lucky enough to have an assortment from the Fall 2012 line as well as the Spring collection that we adore so much!

Check out some of my favs from Fall 2012:

style #1251
This layered look is beyond adorable with the addition of a petite tailored bow at the natural waist. 

style #1253
Look no further for a flattering gown with straps. This pleated trumpet has just the right amount of style and structure to create a picturesque silhouette. 

style #1255
Perfect for any bride wanting to make a statement on her day, this triangle strapped bodice is a great cut for petite brides that aren't afraid of a flirty top.  

style #1254
Probably my fav from this line, this feminine gown is beyond beautiful complete with a silk satin sash and delicate lace hem overlay. Gorgeous!! 
Make an appointment today to get this exclusive sneak peek of gowns that have yet to settle in salons. Our experienced staff of stylists can help you complete this stand out looks.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Styling Sarah Seven

As you might know, we are beyond thrilled to have the uber talented creations from the one and only Sarah Seven in the salon. We are the only boutique in Texas that will have the great honor of carrying her creative collection, and this could not please us more.

These gowns have been a huge hit already, (no surprise), and although they are statement pieces on their own, I have been asked how to properly style these boho beauties, while staying true to the minimal aesthetic that sets these gowns apart.

As always, I will first say that every bride should style her gown ANY way that she wants to. Her personal style and personality should stand out and create a one of a kind look that will set the tone for the event and be remembered forever....make it count!

Now then, here are some suggestions that will flatter and compliment these very individualist styles.

 For my personal fav of this Fall 2012 collection, Amour,  depicts everything romantic about a gown. The addition of lace at the bustline and the beyond flowy nature of the champagne tone organza fabric create a fairy tale like scene simply on its own. I would keep the jewelry to a minimum by adding either a soft chandelier playing with the unique color palette like these from Kendra Scott, and/or a delightfully delicate necklace like this one from my Maya Brenner. The barely there chain and letter initial adds a feminine and personal touch with a barely there presents.

Veils and headpieces are never needed to "complete" these Sarah Seven pieces, but if it is a must, there are a few options that will work great without overwhelming.

This collage above showcases our own versatile Grayson Elise "snowball" belt and or headband. This simple and delicate beaded belt with ribbon trim is a great piece to add hint of shimmer at your waist, OR a creative addition to any hair style. This piece can be worn well after the wedding day to amp up any outfit.

Two veil choices that I like for SS style are the forever stylish birdcage from Toni Federici and the newest trend in veil: the organza trim from Laura Jayne. This softer version of the head topper flatters the signature flow that Sarah has cleverly mastered.

Another stand out for me is "Blushing." This unmistakable shimmer organza is a statement on its own, and even in the safer ivory option, there is no question that this style is not for the faint at heart.

I paired this piece with a simple, and delicate Kendra Scott stud that will compliment the tone without taking over. Pucker up with a pink gloss, and you are good to go!

One last piece that takes the cake is the Gold Gown. This is the first of its kind and it is delectable! I have had brides come far and wide for a peek at this pleaser, and we are hoping to get it back into the salon soon! 

For me, there is no other way to complete this stunner than with the complimentary pattern of gold pieces from Kendra Scott. The scroll design works so well with this piece...what a stunner!! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Paloma Blanca Fall 2012

New arrivals from the coveted Fall 2012 Paloma Blanca collection are adorning our newly renovated show room floors every week, and we are in love with their classic and elegant styles already.

The first three gowns to arrive are true to Paloma Blanca's unremarkable quality and timeless aesthetic while staying current with the biggest bridal trends. These remarkable silhouettes and unmistakably rich fabrics, continuously prove that Paloma Blanca is a designer worthy of its' following.
style 4305

style 4305 back

style 4307
style 4307 back

style 4311

style 4311 back