Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lace Bridesmaids Dresses

I am LOVING the lace trend! More than that, I love that it has totally transferred into bridal fashion; which means that our beloved bridesmaids are styled in fabulous frocks rather than something that they will never wear again.

One of my favorite collections for this look..? Hands down, Watters. With so many color options and combinations available, it is super easy to keep within an overall wedding theme and add a super cool style to your bridal party.

My tips when opting for the lace trend:

   -Keep the colors consistent. Everybody is loving the mix and match right now, and if your girls want to wear different necklines or silhouettes of lace dresses- by all means- go for it. DON'T get too crafty with colors though. Lace is a lot of look, and if there are an assortment of colors, it starts to look messy.

   -There are literally 9 shades of lace, and 31 lining options that Watters has made available. While this is amazing, it can also be daunting, to choose just one of each. When working with neutrals- the sky is the limit. Literally any lining and lace combo will look good. I always recommend opting for a deeper liner than the shade of lace that you choose. This will create a depth and dimension to the look, and the lace will photograph better. Choosing something bold?? I prefer using the same lining color as lace in this case. Or, a nude lining if you must switch it up.

   -There are some beautiful floor length lace dresses out there. I adore them all. My suggestion with this look is to opt away from the ivory shades. Reads bridal.

   -Accessorize wisely. Many of the popular styles have either a high neckline, one shoulder or v neck...these dresses look best with earrings only in my humble opinion. Too much around the face can start to be overwhelming. Bracelets are super trendy right now, and I am all for it, but just ensure that the pieces won't snag on the lace. One swift move during the Y-M-C-A dance number, and a snag can turn into fashion emergency.

Here is a peek at some of my favorites offered by Watters. 

A black belt is always a great trick to flatter a small waistline.

The addition of the beige belt breaks up the black, and makes it a lot less of a serious look. 

Navy lace is a fabulous choice. Flatters all skin tones and looks photographs wonderfully against an ivory bridal gown. 

This is a great pop of color, and the tonal lining under keeps the look classy. Sassy and classy, that is.

I love this look for an uber formal event, or a MOB. Did you happen to see this gown sported on the red carpet on a famous tv starlet??

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