Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Wear a Birdcage Veil

The look: adorable.
The style: retro.
The application: tricky.

The look of the birdcage veil is coming back in a BIG way. Not that it was ever gone, but with the newest styles of boho chic gowns from beloved designers like Sarah Seven, this accessory is more popular than ever.

Shots of brides with birdcage head pieces are flooding sights like Style Me Pretty and Pinterest, but when it comes to choosing one, or placing it in your can be a daunting task.

Here are some simple tips and tricks to ensuring that your vintage style birdcage veil says chic, and not cafe.

First, there are going to be many variations of bc veils out there, but the most popular is Russian Tulle. This is the netting that appears in a wide and defined diamond pattern. This type photographs the best and is the highest quality. Next, you will want to inspect what kind of hair applicator it has and how many. Some will have one barrette, others small comb(s). If you have thinner, or slick hair, the barrette will be best for you, and if your hair is thick go for the comb(s).

The best placement of the comb or barrette is off to one side and below the crown of your head. Depending on the length of the veil this placement will angle down your face, cover one eye and trickle down the cheekbone.

If the veil is longer, place it low and center in the back of your head. Make sure that it is above the lips or clears the chin and jaw line, anything that cuts you off mid-chin will photograph odd, and your fiance will be confused as to how to "kiss the bride." If it is longer than your face, it will be obvious that he will have to lift it over your cheekbones, your lips are open for the chin, that might cause a fluster.

Many adorable birdcage veils are adorned with flowers, feathers, crystals or even lace, so be sure to show the pretties at a side angle, so they can photograph with your profile shot. Anything added accessories on a veil cancel out heavy jewelry. Let that be the statement piece..for the ceremony at least..if it is removed for the reception- go nuts with whatever baubles tickle your fancy.

 Typically, brides will wear there hair up and back when sporting this trend, but more and more ladies are opting for down dos. The best way to ensure that your hair style compliments your hair piece is by taking with you to your hair trials. Let the professionals work it out.

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