Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Style of Gown a Photographer Loves to Shoot

So excited to team up with Diana M. Lott, (who happens to be one of Austin's coolest photographers), and share some of her thoughts and suggestions about what style of wedding gown creates the best photos......because after all, your pictures will be the ever-lasting evidence of the celebration that is your wedding day!! (oh, AND your happy marriage obviously! ;) ) Every bride desires her wedding album to capture the beauty of the way she looks and feels on her big day. I knew that Diana was a great professional to interview about how to get the best out of your bridal style in photos.

1. What type of gown do you love to photograph?
I prefer dresses that are off-white, like champagne or blush, that have some texture to them.

2. What gown do you prefer to photograph in an outdoor setting?
A dress that isn't true white and reflective - satin can be like this.... many times white dresses that lean cool instead of warm will end up looking blue in the images and will need to be corrected. A more matte dress, with texture/detail. However, it can be a true white if the material isn't so reflective, like some silk (crinkle chiffon).

3. Indoor setting?
Really I prefer the same types of dresses for all settings! But, brighter white and more reflective dresses are more forgiving indoors (or outside on a cloudy day!).

4. What gown details do you enjoy seeing?
I like lace and tulle - detailed sash, anything ruched - fabric flowers or feathers! Anything really to add some texture and depth to the dress and the images. I tend to like moody and sassy dresses - if that helps ;)

5.What bridal accessories make for a great photograph?
Hair pieces, bird cage veils, antique jewelry, flowers in your hair - there are so many options to add interest to your images and look.

6.What are the trends that you are seeing right now when it comes to bridal portraits?
They aren't your traditional bridal portraits anymore - brides want something unique and fun, that shows their personality. They aren't afraid to get dirty if need be either! I think wedding photography has changed so much since digital photography came along and it's much more fashion minded and experimental. The days of the stiff pose in the park-like setting are going by the wayside... and i'm real happy about that :)

Diana M. Lott is a super talented and hip Austin photographer that has an eye for everything cool. I have had the pleasure of working with her at an event that included a privately owned lakeside ceremony, fire dancers and unexpected excitement throughout the night. Not only did she handle the unique event like a seasoned pro, but she managed to capture the beauty, emotion and the overall fun vibe of the night in every single photo that she shot.