Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What will Kate Middleton Wear???

Everybody has put their two cents in as to what the future Princess Kate (Kathryn) should wear on the big day, so I figured I should join in the fun.

I sheepishly admit that I am more than just a little smitten with the whole "marrying a prince" fairy tale aspect of Friday's big event, and I am adoring the famous bride to be more by the day. Her style is classic, yet modern. She is graceful, but down to earth. She is beautiful, yet seems approachable. Yea, I think I could be friends with this girl. ;)

Styling brides is what I love to do most, so I am going to suggest a few gowns that I think would be great for Kate, and then we will just have to imagine them blown up to royalty status. (think yards and yards of added train length...a veil and blusher that would tent a football team...you get it)

Amsale is the first designer that I think really shows Kate's style. A few seasons ago, Amsale debuted a strong collection that reintroduced the natural waist and full skirt silhouette. And let's not forget to thank Amsale for the fantastic pockets that we adore so much! I think that Kate's style and figure are really well suited for these gowns. With a few more sparkles, and an illusion lace sleeve to the elbow, my money is on a design very similar to the Melina gown from Amsale.

I personally would like to see her in a pop of color, like the beloved Lazaro LZ3108 gown in sherbet, or the dreamy Alita Graham 7708 gown. Such beautiful combinations of blush, ivory and coral tulle. The shapes are spectacular, and the Lazaro's jeweled belt and Alita's beaded top is gorgeous. Whatever would the queen say?!?

Another designer that pops into by head is Priscilla of Boston. You don't get any more classic than POB. Priscilla Kidder designed gowns from European Royalty to American aristocracy, so I think that this would be a great match up. One of my choices is gown PL 396 from the Platinum line for Priscilla of Boston. It's not over the top, but it is regal and body conscious, while extremely classy.

Romona Keveza has always had that "royal flare" to her collections, and in New York, her designs were definitely influenced by Kate. This Romona L216 style is sweet, pretty and timeless. The veil is spot-on and adds a romantic flare that captures the whole fairy tale aspect of the event.

And now for the wild card. Kate could "bring the drama" with a gown such as this one from the incredibly talented Reem Acra's Fall 2011 collection. The modern twist on the sweetheart neckline and organic flow of the skirt might be a contending style for the future princess. The illusion beaded sleeves are a perfect fit for Kate's beautiful shoulders and frame.

Be sure to set your DVRs to record this amazing event! Check out the Celebrity News and Style blog for details.