Monday, March 7, 2011

The Variables of Veils

So you have found the it's time to complete your bridal look. You may not have given it much thought, but a veil can do so much for your style. You will hear a lot of descriptions such as cathedral length, finger tip, cascading, blusher....the options are literally endless and designers can typically customize any veil to suit your specific needs.

There are a few suggestions for what type of veil you should wear, or how long it should be. It is ultimately all personal preference. Be true to yourself, and stick with your style. Do try to keep in mind your gown design and train length. If there is adornment or detail on the back of your dress, make sure your veil portraits or surrounds the detail, and doesn't hide or compete with it. The veil should complete your look, not take over.

Some really cool styles right now are "birdcage" and "bubble" veils. The face framing birdcage will play up the vintage look, and the bubble will add a modern volume that looks great in photos.

We are also seeing a combination of netting material to create a unique look. Designers have created a layered veil using tulle as well as netting. This will create volume and structure without being too heavy and cumbersome.

A classic mantilla veil is always beautiful accompanied by a lace gown, or a gown with lace accents. This veil can also be paired with a dress without lace to create the vintage or romantic look.

Veils pictured are from the Toni Federici and Laura Jayne designs.