Friday, January 11, 2013

The Right Bridal Gown Silhouette

So, everybody spends hours on Pinterest correcting false wedding gown silhouette descriptions, right?!?

Ok, so I might be slightly obsessed with politely calling out unknowing pinners, but it is not because I am a silhouette snob. Hardly.

The cause behind my addiction??

Simple really---shapes and silhouettes DO NOT MATTER. Sure it creates rhyme and reason to categorize all the gowns out there, but, too many times than I can count, brides will enter the salon with a predetermined notion of what gown shape she should be looking at based on her body type or the description tagged with wedding gowns pinned from Pinterest. Fact of the matter is, these are consistently incorrect, and like I said have before, until you try the gown on for yourself, do not rule out anything based on articles or pictures of somebody else in a dress.

Instead, look at your tagged photos or dog eared magazine pictures and take note of any consistent similarities. It could be fabric, shape, straps, sleeves...or it could be a group of gowns that are totally and utterly different. If you share these ideas with a trained bridal stylist, they will be able to come up with a great grouping of gowns to try on, no matter what the descriptions allow. Truth be told, Lazaro's "fit and flare" may not be consistent with Paloma Blanca's "fit and flare." Every designer prides themselves with their individual styles, and silhouettes are no different.

I invite you to check out our Pinterest page, and get inspiration for your bridal gown shopping experience! 

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