Thursday, October 11, 2012

List of "Best of Lazaro" Gowns

You have asked, and you shall receive.

Here is the coveted list of gowns that will be present at the "Best of Lazaro" Trunk Show this weekend. Please remember that this list is subject to change at the last mintue for unforeseen reasons.

Spring 2011: LZ3100 & LZ3152
Spring 2011

Fall 2011: LZ3153, LZ3161, LZ3166
Fall 2011

 Spring 2012: LZ3201, LZ3202, LZ3203, LZ3204, LZ3206, LZ3207, LZ3209, LZ3213, LZ3214, LZ3217
Spring 2012

FAll 2012: LZ3250, LZ3254, LZ3257, LZ3262, LZ3265
Fall 2012

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