Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fall Trend Alert: High Necks!

Straight from wedding mastermind Colin Cowie , we have one more Fall wedding gown trend to discuss... and that is the always elegant, High Necks. Now this is a look that is sometimes difficult to pull off, as it requires a long, lean torso and neckline to ensure that the dress does not overpower a bride's frame. With that being said, there are ways to customize this look for a flattering look on just about anybody. Simply put, the softer and more airy the material, the less cumbersome and overwhelming  it will seem. For my taste, a sheer lace is the best way to pull this off. Even at that, the height should be custom fit to suit your frame. A master bridal seamstress can simply cut along the edges of a lace to make the neckline softer, and show a hint of a collar bone if you prefer. On the same note, a scalloped top hitting just under the hollow of the neck, can draw the attention to a pretty face, creating an angelic and modest look. When in doubt, order the neckline as the designer has intended, and make custom alterations to suit your taste and frame after. It is always more simple to change the neckline in small stages, and make it your very own look.

A favorite of mine utilizing this trend is this Alita Graham for Kleinfeld gown.  The sheerness of the lace created a lovely frame and the open line at the shoulders is super slimming and a great portrait frame for a fantastic up 'do. Be mindful when selecting accessories for this style. Minimal jewelry and veils set in the back are going to be the most complimentary. 


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High necklines on bridal dresses can have such a classic appeal! We just reviewed our picks for bridal dress trends, check them out:

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