Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pretty, Pretty Pinterest

Outdoor wedding season is upon us, and as the temps increase; styles have to change accordingly. Always an advocate for finding inspiration via Pinterest, I thought I would post my favorite recent up 'do pins to prove that this look is not just for prom queens.

Not only are these chic styles humidity friendly; they are also a great canvas for stylish accessories, such as amazing earrings, boho bands, and glamourous combs....not to mention, there is the utmost security for veil placement within these teased matter how what the weather might bring.

At a recent press photo shoot, hair extraordinaire, Jen Hoover,   took an already beautiful ballerina bun to another level of chic by simply surrounding the 'do with a beaded headband and finishing it off with a dainty bow. The look was both dainty and dangerously fabulous. Swoon. 

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