Friday, February 17, 2012

Celebrity Brides to Be...What Will They Wear??

Lots of lovin' happening in Hollywood these days. So many beautiful starlets are engaged, which leads to only one question...what will they wear??

What I LOVE about this group of gorgeous ladies is that they are so totally different and each of an individual look of their own. I have had so much fun "styling" them in my mind for their big day.....I hope you have fun with it too!

Jennifer Hudson
What a star this girl is. So, unbelievably gifted and talented, and an incredible figure to boot....hats off to you Miss Hudson. To be honest, I picked this dress for her long ago. There is something about Paloma Blanca 4202 that I just cannot get enough of...much like Jennifer Hudson. The impeccable pleating of the silk shantung, and dimension of the rosette skirt create a soft drama that would suite Hudson's 5'9'' and slim frame incredibly....and her glowing skin paired with the luminous fabric...I mean, come on...fabulous, right?!

Kristin Cavallari
This party princess is wild card. I think that Pronovias "Benicarlo" pushes the fashion envelope, and yet remains classic in shape and silhouette; much like her red carpet wardrobe. For this girl who commands attention, I cannot think of a better way to get it when walking down the aisle. The fitted longline bodice will elongate her shorter torso, and the darker detailed belt will synch in her little waist. And come on...the feather bustline...doesn't get much cooler than that!

Kaley Cuoco
Jim Hjelm style 8206 would be AMAZING on this gorgeous girl! This neckline and deep back would be uber flattering on her incredibly statuesque shoulders. Not to mention that the fitted shape would do wonders for tush. I adore the feminine and flirty detail of the rhinestone adorned flowers, and it seems to fit her smiley persona perfectly.

Drew Barrymore
For this bubbly beauty, I chose Lazaro LZ3202 from the 2012 collection. I love the deep V- neckline to elongate her chest, and bring the attention to her fresh face. The skirt's texture is kind of rocker romantic, which suites Barrymore nicely. The tonal and subtle textures paired with a hint of sparkle is such a cool combination. This would be such a great gown for her.

Elizabeth Hurley
Wowza, this hot lady has a bod like no other, and loves to show it off. Good thing for her, Lazaro is one of the best at it when it comes to bridal. LZ3052 embodies all that is glam and sexy, just like Hurley. The sparkly bodice of this stunning gown is hand crafted onto a sheer lining and completed with a jewel encrusted satin ribbon at the waist. This beauty has a signature style and has never veered from it. Gotta love a girl that knows what she wants.

Britney Spears
Now, I know that this is a bit of a gamble, but this is what I envision for this pop princess. I would love nothing more than for her to sport a short, sassy number like style 1211 from the Jim Hjelm Blush line. How much fun would this be? The girl has great gams, and a personality to back this look up like no other. What's the saying.."third time is a charm"...? Can you think of anything more charming??

Jessica Simpson
This one was a little bit harder for me. I LOVED the way that Simpson looked at her first wedding, so I really could not imagine her in any other I tweaked it a bit and picked a gown more fashion forward. Lazaro style LZ3213 would be drop dead gorgeous on this bombshell. The lace bodice is right up her alley, and the modernized sweetheart neckline would certainly flatter her, assets. The flounce ball gown skirt is without a doubt a modern day princess's dream come true...and no matter what number marriage it is, isn't that what we all kind of want??

Sienna Miller
And now, for one of my favorite fashionistas of all time, Sienna Miller. Quite frankly, this girl could wear just about anything and look stunning, but paired with this masterpiece from Lazaro, she would be beyond breathtaking. It is almost as if LZ3167 was created with Miller in mind. Never before has boho chic been mastered quite like this. I cannot dream of any two pairings that would please me more.

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