Thursday, February 23, 2012

Alita Graham for Kleinfeld, Plus....

Believe me, these dresses will definitely make you want to "say yes"....

We are all grins about this newest collection of Alita Graham gowns from Kleinfeld, and better yet, we are one of only 4 boutiques in the US that carry this coveted line. This weekend we are showing a sneak peek of what is going to hit our floor for next season. Here are a couple of our exclusive and swoon worthy ad shots as well as pics of the 2012 collection.

styles from top to bottom: 32277535, 32276479

Really does not get more beautiful than these classic A-Line gowns. These silhouettes are perfect for any pretty, pretty princess on her big day!

Alita Graham is known for her drapey and dropped waist silhouettes . Impeccable tailoring and perfect proportions create a shape that is beyond flattering!

As if this is not enough to be tickled pink over....we are also debuting an entirely new collection from this bridal mecca. Please join us for the unveiling of Sophia Moncelli at this weekend's trunk show. Chances are you have not seen Sophia's new collection unless you have graced the floors of Kleinfeld in New York. There are not even photos released of this exquisite collection. I can assure you, if you are a bride that wants to steal the show, these dresses are for you! Crystals, satin, feathers, and much, much more.