Monday, May 2, 2011

Kate Middleton's Second Gown

If you can get away with it - why not? Do it! Not surprisingly, Kate Middleton changed out of her Royal Ceremony gown into a similarly shaped reception dress for her Royal Wedding, also designed by Sarah Burton.

It was classic beauty at it's finest. The seamless silk satin of the sweetheart shaped bodice was fit to perfection, and the classy, subtle touch of the encrusted belt is AMAZING! The circular silk satin skirt lies wonderfully on Kate, and gives the effect of the classic A-line, but eliminates the heaviness of the pleats from her first gown. (much like the Romona Keveza L251, and L257 gowns.)

I personally adore the cropped angora sweater that she wore. The element of natural texture adds such a softness to her overall style, and the personal touch makes Kate seem that much more relatable. It's an element of her look that could have been a well planned out detail, or a last minute addition. One can only speculate.....

Another aspect of Kate's reception style that I love, is that she changed her hair. This is such an achievable way to create a second look. She literally "let her hair down."

Now, I am not an advocate of duplicating anybody's bridal gown.....Not even a Princess's. However, with these style tips from Kate, you can create your very own Fairy Tale Wedding.

#1. Stay true to yourself and your style.
-There is always going to be somebody that would like to see you wearing something else..could be Grandma, could be a Kate's case..could be the Queen. Remember that this is YOUR day to be bride that you have always imagined. If you are confident with your bridal style, you will always be beautiful.

#2. Add a belt to create another look.
-If it is within the budget, by all means, purchase a second wedding gown for the reception like Kate. If not, simply add a belt. I cannot emphasize the greatness of a bridal belt or sash. It is the most versatile bridal accessory! It is a fantastic way to incorporate sparkle, color, texture...whatever. And, the greatest part??? You can actually wear it again! Rock it out on a fantastic cocktail dress for your anniversary dinner.....instant fab, with a touch of nostalgia. Refer back my "Bananas for Bridal Belts" post for some additional photos and ideas. Come to think of it....Could Kate be a SERENDIPITIST follower???? ;)

#3. Change up your hairstyle for the reception.
-So simple and totally free. Remove the veil, take out the bobby pins, and "presto chango"- you are ready to party. This might seem like too subtle of a change to worry about, but in your photos, you will really see the difference. Besides, your new husband might prefer to see your hair down.

Ahhh, the Royal Event has come and gone.
Countess Kathryn has made her mark on bridal style history, and a left a linger of romance in the air for all. Thanks for the memories.