Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bridal Market Highlights

OMG. This New York Bridal Market was a gamechanger. 

In seasons past, designers collectively wait until October market to present the newest trends set to be unveiled within their Spring collections, but that theory was shattered with last weekends' presentation. Designers went all out with bold designs, wonderfully obscene amounts of sparkle and the freshest take on 'bridal flirty' that we have seen in years.

I was so thrilled with what my peepers were witnessing, I simply had to jump the gun on my popular  'bridal recap' posts, and tittle your taste buds with some highlights.

First up: Katie May 
   This newbie and social media maven has made her mark in the world of bridal. Cannot even begin to express how much I love this California girl!

 Next on the schedule, Hayley Paige
    Another young starlet, this adorable designer has created collections full of sparkle, flirt and awesomeness.

 For even more sparkle, the lovely Lazaro
     The self entitled collection 'Return to Opulence' was just that. Might I say, deliciously decadent??

 Continuing to bring the sexy, Marisa.
    No bras or spanx needed. These gowns are all the fabulous needed to show off curves and enhance everything gorgeous.

The grand finale, Watters and WTOO
     We were pinching ourselves the entirety of this showing....afraid that it was all too good to be true.

Believe it or not, there are many more highlights of this remarkable market to come....