Monday, March 3, 2014

Wedding Worthy Oscar Fashion

The Academy Awards' Red Carpet was scattered with wedding worthy fashions last night!! Shades of nudes, champagnes and metallics ruled as the color palette of choice, and the golden rule of 'less is more' allowed for the gowns to take center stage....and I LOVED it!!

There were so many bridal influences throughout the evening and here are some of my favs:
Bridal look: Sarah Seven

Bridal look: WTOO Bridal

Bridal look: Lazaro 

Bridal look: Hayley Paige
Bridal look: Lazaro

Bridal look: Lazaro

I loved the soft hair and makeup choices by so many of the starlets, and the side swept look is definatly a 'do'!!!! These looks are easily interpreted into bridal!! 

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Tradesy weddings said...

Nice dress, I actually ordered a dress from a famous designer’s bridal collection as well for double the price and returned it immediately because the material felt so cheap compared to the my other one.