Friday, July 12, 2013

Yet, Another Reason to Attend Bridal Trunk Shows

'Tis the season for summer trunk shows at Serendipity, and the question will often arise, "Why are trunk shows so special?"

There are obvious reasons such as discounts, previews of new collections, special appearances by designers, etc. But a big perk that often gets overlooked is color. 

Let me explain: Designers present particular gowns in color variations based on their preference and vision for the collection. Each salon can then decide if they want to carry out this color with their sample gown, or change it based on their customer base. As we know, no two brides are alike, so a perfectly peach toned gown, may not be what every bride envisions for the big day. Since each salon only orders one sample for each design, chances are that if the desired shade is not that of the sample, the bride will have to simply imagine how the dress will look in the particular color that she wants.

During trunk shows, duplicate samples are much more likely, which gives the bride a tangible example of their dress in another color. If the exact gown is not on hand, the probability that the fabric, embroidery or lace is part of the show. This can help complete the overall style vision and give clarity. So, take advantage of these special showings!!

Here are a few of my favorite gowns that have made headlines in super special shades of everything from peach to purple rainbow:

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