Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Real Housewife of Orange County Weds!

I admit, I am a Real Housewife fan. Especially when there is a wedding involved. If you are a viewer, like me, you know that these women are extremely candid, almost to a fault, so when it comes to the decision of their wedding attire; you know that it is going to be BIG!

The latest former wife, to wed again, is Orange County veteran, Tamara Barney. The petite blonde is known for her tight fitting clothes and love of everything bedazzled. She chose 3 different custom creations from Mark Zunio. Thus far, the only dress to surface on the internet is the ceremony gown...which I happen to LOVE!!

The multi toned gown with hints of pink, ivory and peach was a great choice for her skin tone and vibrant personality. The body skimming strapless is extremely flattering and the strapless bodice elongates her neckline while flattering her signature wavy locks. The flounced skirt is breathtaking. Even in still shots, you can see the movement and amazing detail.

Her choice of accessories weren't my fav. The head piece is AMAZING and complements her hair style perfectly, however I would have done without a necklace and what appears to be a cuff bracelet, as she chose a wrist bouquet on the left hand. There were too many visual cut off points. The headpiece was enough for me...but these Cali ladies love their bling!

Her bridal party followed suit with variations of blush floor length gowns. From satin to tulle fabrics and an array of necklines, these ladies picked gowns that flattered their personal shapes and styles. Again, I would have chosen a slightly different collections of gowns by sticking to one fabric, but the mix of styles, I am totally down with.

Photo Credits: US weekly.comSplash News

Here are some gowns with similar shapes and hues as the OC Bride:

WTOO "Hera"

Jim Hjelm Blush by Hayley Paige, Style 1305

Lazaro, Style 3259


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