Thursday, July 26, 2012

Top Fall Wedding Gown Trend...OTT

Another Fall top trend from Colin Cowie: OTT. (Over-the-top)

This trend is for the girl that wants all the attention....and why shouldn't she?! This is her day after all. Designers have certainly stepped out of the minimalists' box for a bit, and have brought drama back into  their collections. Whether it is color, pattern, bling or beadwork, there seems to never be enough, and that is a beautiful thing!!

One of my overall picks from the runway this season, just so happens to be included in the mix, is Lazaro style #LZ3269. This dress embodies everything that Lazaro is known for with an added twist of whimsy. Love. Love. Love. If this collaboration of color at the hemline of the circular skirt is too much...know that it can be tamed and ordered in ivory. ;)