Friday, June 15, 2012

Camila Alves Wedding Dress Photos Revealed

Another celeb wedding = another People Magazine Cover.

Matthew and Camila's big day now graces the glossy pages of People, and I have to say that they look smashing!!

The couple initially stole my heart when they opted for a backyard ceremony in my stomping grounds of Austin, but now to hear the details of Camila's wedding designer....I am a more than just a little smitten. She didn't chose a big wig to create her gown based on their vision; she chose a professional that she has known since childhood. Check out her quote to “Ducarmo has been making wedding dresses for her entire life,” says Alves, who has known the designer since she was a young girl growing up in Brazil. “I guess you can say she has been planning this design for over 20 years.”

Unstoppable beauty and soul??? Yep, I'm a fan!

photos:, Christopher Polk/Getty