Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Behind the Scenes at Serendipity Belt Catalog Shoot

Cannot even put into words how excited I am for our latest project. Here are some candid behind the scenes photos from the shoot yesterday. Thank you to Forever Photography, Maris Malone Calderon , Jen Hoover , Robert with Lazama Videography , and Visual Lyrics for the amazing flowers and staging pieces. This is an unbelievably talented and professional group. Styling for this shoot was beyond fantastic!!

The final product of the catalog for the Serendipity Bridal Belt line will be ready to view soon...so prepare to be dazzled. ;)


Anne said...

The belt in the top photo is amazing! Are they at Serendipity yet?

Serendipity Bridal said...

Yes. The flower is available in ivory or pink. It's one of our favorites!!