Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jim Hjelm Blush Spring 2012 Sneak Peek!

I can sum it up in two words...IN LOVE...with the Spring 2012 Jim Hjelm Blush collection that is. Hayley Paige, formally with Melissa Sweet, is now designing for this unbelievable line of gowns, and she has perfected a look for the flirty and innovative bride. Pure genius!

There was something so magical about the entire line of these gowns, that I could not wipe the smile off of my face... even hours after the show. These dresses are vibrant, young and super sassy. The silhouettes are flattering and sleek, and the fabrics are light and airy. Fantastic for outdoor, southern weddings!!

I will be sharing the full line of fashion pictures from this collection soon, but in the meantime, I could not wait another second to reveal my favorites! Enjoy!!

Primrose is an organza, and tulle ball gown that seems to literally float on air. The sweetheart corset lined lace bodice is ultra feminine, with a hint of sexy. Pretty perfection!!

Now, this gown is a masterpiece...Camellia is the epitome of fashion innovation. The organza and tulle illusion overskirt is adorable AND removable!! This fantastic gown is a fashion maven's dream come true. A perfect opportunity to borrow the celebrity trend of wearing two looks, without changing gowns. The slim sheen lace gown by itself is a show stopper, with delicate dual straps flattering the low, open back and gorgeous neckline. Now add the overlay skirt....icing on the cake!! The girly bow combined with cascading ruffles trailing the skirt is a breath of fresh air. Hands of my top favorites.


Miss Hayley Paige said...

Thank you Serendipity Bridal! I am so honored. I look forward to producing many fabulous frocks for you guys :)

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