Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Molly Sims Wedding Gown Photos

STUNNING!!!! Totally gorgeous!

I love the overall look that Molly Sims chose for her wedding. The balance of the formal hair and trimmed veil paired with the ease of the slim lace and organza gown, create a bridal style that is elegant and lovely.

The lace Marchesa gown is beautiful with an illusion neckline and flutter cap sleeves.

The ballerina bun surrounded with a braid and adorned with a jeweled brooch is the PERFECT choice to create a clean look, and keep the attention on her gorgeous mug. I love the lace trimmed veil placement under the 'do.

Can we talk about these adorable bridesmaids?? They each wore different floor length Elizabeth Kennedy designs in neutral shades. They don't match..but they certainly "go."

Does this wedding inspire you? Let's check out some options to recreate this style without cloning it.

These WTOO, Watters and Paloma Blanca gowns give a similar style and shape as the Marchesa. Sheer sleeves and variances of lace to silk fabrics allow for a soft silhouette and romantic feel.
This is another take on a neutral palette..... ranging from soft stone to creamy beige with black belt accent...and if you are going to mix fabrics, colors and styles, go ahead and give a length variance....rules schmules!! Watters bridesmaids give a huge range of styles to select from.

Gotta admit, this celebrity wedding style will go down as one of my favorites. There just appears to be this overall happy vibe, and heart warming personal touches throughout the photos. Cheers!

photo credits:,, Flynet pictures,


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