Friday, August 19, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Upcoming Wedding Details

This event been given almost the same amount of buzz that the Royals received....cooky. I have never watched a full episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, but I admit that I fully plan to record this nuptial shindig on Saturday. Only for the fashion, of coarse. :)

Speaking of, Madam Tussaud released their own version of what they envision this reality princess sporting down the aisle. If her dress resembles this style in the slightest...I stand corrected. My prediction could not be any more different. We shall see.

Eonline, Jason Laveris/Film Magic

As long as we are all betting on the fashion choices, let's not forget the other ladies' frocks. Now, although it is August and temps are sky rocketing here, the weather is much more pleasant in Montecito. (The alleged location for the wedding.) The sisters could very well wear long dresses and be perfectly comfortable, however, I am predicting short gowns for these mavens. If I might also be so brazen...I am betting on black or charcoal as the color choice. I very well might be totally off base, knowing that these ladies are not afraid of bold colors, but I stick to my convictions., PR Photos

I am also thinking that Kim might give all the sisters their choice of silhouette, but stick to one fabric and shade. Every beauty in this family is built extremely differently, (much like any other bridal party), and this would be a great way to tie everything together, as well as be true to each individual's style and comfort level. I know that Vera Wang is customizing a gown for each member, however, I chose some styles from Amsale's 2012 bridesmaids line that might resemble the famous party's pieces. The more structured one shoulder look, and the abstract bow are huge for the upcoming season. The classic sweetheart neckline with a tiny pleated detail and lush fabric would be an appropriate choice for the younger sisters.

All in good fun.


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