Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Gowns Arrive!!

More amazing gowns are making their way into the salon, and this week I was super excited to see that some of the newest Jim Hjelm and Paloma Blanca designs have arrived!!

Jim Hjelm,(like many other designers this season), is all about the sassy fitted, trumpet skirt. This bridal powerhouse never fails to please with his incredible aesthetic and genius designs. These two variations give totally different feels with similar silhouettes.

JH8156 is a beautiful, floral organza trumpet skirt with a pleated silk chiffon draped bodice. The back closure is low and super feminine. There is an outrageously fantastic horse hair bow with crystal accents at the natural waist that gives this romantic design a flirty, cool twist.

Finish this look off with Kendra Scott's "Jeanine" earrings in a soft shade of petal, and Toni Federici's fashion forward "Sunflower" bustled veil, and you have a completed, high end bridal style.

JH8161 is a scrumptious silk satin trumpet gown. There is an embroidered floral bodice with the softest finishing touches ever. A thick ivory satin ribbon is added to the natural a perfect option for adding an individual touch, such as a colored ribbon for the reception.

Imagine adding the Serendipity "Andreas" belt in black for an additional textural interest and contrast of color. Crazy adorable!!!

Paloma Blanca's newest line has proven to be a huge hit! The shapes and fabrics are flawless as always, and the addition of texture create a fantastic, fashionable collection.

Style 4213 is a one-shoulder knockout of a gown! Not only is it beautiful, but it is structurally so fantastic that it gives a slender shape, AND the ease to boogie all night long. Seriously. The silk shantung pleats are flattering and smooth, and the pop of floral detail on the shoulder is GORGEOUS! The soft cloud hem gives the appearance of walking on air...what could be better?!?!
Soft, side swept hair with a feathery comb and bird cage veil, like "Wysteria" from Toni Federici would be a great way to complete this unbelievable bridal look.


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