Monday, June 6, 2011

Debutante Ball Gown Shopping Season is Here!

It's official, summer is here. The onset of these hot summer months can only mean one's time to select a deb gown! Ok, so this rule only applies to a select few, but for that's a frenzy, and we are here to help!

Serendipity Bridal is a debutante's dream salon!! We are more than knowledgable in this elite world of presentation ceremonies, and have had the privilege to dress "princesses" from all over Texas. There are several select rules and regulations to be followed, but one with the utmost importance is: no debs should be wearing the same gown. One way to ensure avoiding this fashion faux pas is by selecting AND securing your gown in ample time of the event. This is just one of many services that our seasoned staff at Serendipity can do for our coveted debutantes.

Heavy hitter, Lazaro, never fails to please when it comes to the ball gown. These dramatic creations are works of art pulled together with an sense of elegance that no other designer can recreate.

Newcomer, Alita Graham has debuted spectacular show stoppers sure to dazzle. Her flirty and girly aesthetic combined with immaculate fits create a swoon worthy collection. Perfect for a young fashion maven.

What a fantastic opportunity to wear a designer gown and showcase the utmost current trends!! The natural waist lines with full skirts, layered and textured fabrics are SO HUGE right now....What a great time to select an amazing dress!

Be sure to be the first to schedule an appointment for the ball gown trunk shows coming soon for these designers!


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